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Tony's Last Stand

Xmas 2015?  Download "new tunes"?

All right, "The Tygers' Second Album" went nowhere, "Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz" acquired numerous "fans", but no sales, The DebbieDancyDuo was snubbed by every agent from here to Singapore and that damned metal Christmas tree is in a landfill somewhere.

So in 2017, as my life crumbles away, I am back for one more desperate shot at...what?  A successful band?  A hit record?  Ha!  My future ex-wife Martha created everything you see on this long forgotten website, in her desperate attempt to jolt me off my lazy ass and get me to take control of my so-called "career".  Well, it looks like her final gambit might pay off; divorce court looms and my sink or swim instinct finally engages, creaking and whining, from decades of desuetude.

Henceforth, this dusty blog will be refreshed regularly, regardless of whether or not anyone reads the damned thing.  It will be a sort of catharsis for me; if no one reads it or likes it, tough's my catharsis, not yours!

This, my first entry, will include a song I recently wrote for my future ex-wife Martha; it was written as if in a future time, which has now become the present; make of it what you will.  All you need to know is in this song, "My Last Love"; I wrote it, but Joe Turano made it sound like God's own tears falling.


By the way, I see that at "The Listening Bar" you can listen to a tune called "Only You (for Martha)", so innocent and so naive.  You could listen to this song and "My Last Love" as bookends, separated by 18 years.  Poignant?  I'm sobbing already.


Until next time, when I will present something a bit more "upbeat",



From Tom Jenkins | On July 15, 2017 @09:23 pm
Tone... read your last stand. I think you should come back to LA so I can shoot your ass and put you out of your misery. The investor for that movie I told you about just told me she's got no money. We need to both pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue on. The world needs to recognize our talents but if we quit they never will and it will be their loss. Hang in there, my friend. Keep the beard... looks terrific!
From Jim Dancy. Your nephew | On July 14, 2017 @09:53 pm
Tony. Is this real? Are you and Martha really divorcing? I just listened to "my last love" on Facebook. I never listen to people's songs when they post or anything like that. It started and it was absolutely gorgeous. And it, ripped me man, itvripped me up. And not only do I not watch people's videos or listen to their songs on Facebook but I don't get emotional and read their blog to figure out what caused this song to boil out of their heart. I'm not lying tony, if this is real, I just don't know what to say. I'm crying, straight up, a grown man crying over this. This is a beautiful song.....but it's awful if it's real!!! I'm so sorry!!! Oh my goodness I'm so sorry. You came through on this song. Man this touches my soul and hurts. God bless it all. Tony, I promise you, when I tell you I'm getting on my knees and praying for you and Martha I truly literally mean it. Right now. If you need a break you're more than welcome to visit me here in Florida. You're my blood, through and through. I don't think I knew how much I loved you until now. It's like this song introduced you to me. My loving God. I'm here brother. 238-289-7579
From Sue Klekowski | On July 14, 2017 @04:11 pm
Sorry to read about you and Martha splitting.

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