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Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz

It has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. Subtly complex "unsmooth", smooth jazz with giant pop overtones. Produced by saxophonist Joe Turano (featured artist and music director for Al Jarreau), along with a plethora of the best unsung artists from Milwaukee to Los Angeles.

All songs written by Tony Dancy except "Resurrection", written by Tony Dancy and Joe Turano.

Produced by Joe Turano, Tutta Nuda Productions.

Mixed by Steve Sykes, Rupert House Productions.
Mastered by Steve Hall, Future Disc Productions.

Joe Turano - saxophones, keyboards, flute, accordion, accordina, percussion, vocals (on "Resurrection")
Tony Dancy - guitars, percussion, strings, vocals (on "Resurrection")
Eric Hervey - bass guitar
Reggie Bordeaux - drums (except on "Gypsy Johnny")
Burleigh Drummond - drums (on "Gypsy Johnny")
Novi Novog - viola
Gary Falcone - guitar solo (on "Joyce Is Not Here")
Francesca Falcone - vocals (on "Resurrection")

All songs © Tony Dancy, except "Resurrection" © Dandelion Music


The Tygers Second Album

After forty years, Tony Dancy, Lanny Hale and Craig Fairchild of the original Tony's Tygers regrouped and rekindled their desire to create original music. Their second album, aptly titled The Tygers Second Album, contains songs that harken back to the 60's when style was not constrained, where rock, folk, country and pop all got along. 

Buy the CD:

The Tygers: The Tygers Second Album


Buy the Vinyl (yup, real old fashioned vinyl!)

The Tygers: The Tygers Second Album


Midnight Dancing

Midnight Dancing is Tony's latest CD. This group of songs has a different feel from the first CD, with a few upbeat dance tunes reminiscent of 70's disco along with Tony's signature love ballads. His style continues to incorporate jazz, country and strong harmonies in beautiful melodies.

All songs ©/written by Tony Dancy, except Never Go Bad, which was ©/co-written with Craig Fairchild, and Dancing the Night Away and One More Dance ©/co-written with Gary Falcone.
Vocals, guitar, keyboards: Tony Dancy
Background vocals: Craig Fairchild and Tony Dancy
Produced by Tony Dancy
Engineered & mixed by Dale Rawson - Blue Wing Audio

A Hopeless Romantic

Tony's first CD (released in '99), A Hopeless Romantic, is a collection of his most intimate songs of love lost and love found. These tunes are elegantly crafted adult contemporary pop, seasoned with hints of Country, Jazz and R & B. They were written over a period of many years - in fact, the earliest tune of this collection, "Everything I Do", was recorded as the A side of a single by the Brady Bunch, on Paramount Records, in 1973.
All songs ©/written by Tony Dancy except Everything I Do© Fricout Music
Vocals, guitar, keyboards: Tony Dancy
Background vocals: Craig Fairchild and Tony Dancy
Produced by Tony Dancy
Co-produced by Louie Fragassi
Engineered & mixed by Dale Rawson - Blue Wing Audio
Mastered by Dan Gnader at danger! pre/post