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Sadie's Magic Garden is a favorite!

This may fall into the "for what it's worth" category, but thought I would share the good news anyway.

Music Xray (music licensing/sync service) rates this song in the 92% range which they say is compared to hundreds of thousands of songs.


And Broadjam - same business, music licensing - shows Sadie in one of their Top Ten lists

 Have a listen and tell me what you think!

...Overall this album offers solid pop melodies like Fade Away and Cedaredge Dreamscape

Read the full review here

"While Smooth Jazz has been all but eradicated by corporate radio stations, the genre remains beloved by a large & loving audience. Tony Dancy’s “Sadie’s Magic Garden” offers a quintessential read on all that fans embrace, with a crafty lead sax..."

"Tony Dancy is a multi-talented, multi-faceted musician, artist, arranger and creative force to be reckoned with"

Ted Myers, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, A&R Rep

Los Angeles CA

“A sensibly titled sophomore set that belies the, shall we say, slight hiatus that divides it from The Tygers’ debut.  It was 40 years ago that Milwaukee’s Tygers first hit vinyl, with the single “Little By Little” and the applause of Les Paul, among other things.  An album followed that, but, while the band kept going, their momentum didn’t.  Hence the wait.

First and foremost, this is a great album:  10 fast paced, kinda-country, faintly-folky, sorta-soft-rocky cuts that put you in mind of a host of forebears, none so much as late-period 10cc (the harmonies and bounce), with a dash of Raspberries, Steely Dan and The Beach Boys thrown in for luck.

Slinky in places (”Night Walker”), haunting in others (”Voo Doo”), “Second Album” is the kind of record that not enough people make these days; beautifully melodic and exquisitely arranged, it’s that rare breed of well-mannered pop rock that leaks out of your late-night stereo with a cocktail in its hand and all maner of things on its mind.  It’s classy–ha, and when was the last time you heard an album like that?”

    Bob Barry
Catchy, irresistible melodies...
"I've known Tony for 35 years and he just keeps getting better and better …he has always had a knack for writing catchy, irresistible melodies backed up with big ear-filling harmonies. He's done it again with ’Midnight Dancing’." Bob Barry, WOKY DJ and 2001 inductee into the Wisconsin Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
    Joe Turano
Sophisticated harmonic sense...
"Tony Dancy possesses one of the most interesting voices I have ever heard; clear, articulate, with warmth and flawless intonation. Extremely pop-friendly, yet unusual enough to tweak the ear of even the most jaded listener, it draws you into a world of lyricism accompanied by sophisticated harmonic sense. I always look forward to Tony’s latest effort, as I know that there will inevitably be something there to surprise me and bring a smile to my face." Joe Turano – singer, saxophonist, keyboardist for Al Jarreau.

"The songs are light, smooth and infectious...they make me want to come back to the CD over and over.  There's a touch of Cliff Richard, Bread, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Steely Dan and Sammy Johns in these CDs, but Tony Dancy has created a style all his own...excellent!"    John Gardner - longtime DJ at WRIT