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Back From My Break

I'm back, after a short break to collect my thoughts; they are now collected.  During my brief vacation, I wrote a new song, which was produced by Joe Turano.  I'll let you listen before I continue this blog entry.  Just click on "Tony's Audio Page" up above my face, to hear "Waterfall";  it's the story of my life in three minutes.  Well, I think I've expended enough mental energy for one day, so I'll say goodbye for now.  Goodbye!

Introducing The Tonettes

Approximately one year ago, I wrote a song called "Something's Not The Same", an upbeat, kind of snarky ode to a love affair in the process of going awry.  It was, of course, biographical, as are most of my songs, coming at a time when my marriage was just beginning to unravel, but nowhere near the disaster that it's become.  If you heard "My Last Love", from a previous post, you know where it is now.  In any event, Joe Turano performed his musical magic on the song, transforming my thin gruel into the rich repast you now hear.

But I am dedicating this posting to my two wonderful companions, Leilani Dykas and Terri Steffes, whose provocative undulations and sweet voices transformed my humble effort into something lovely to behold.  They have now become my Tonettes, two delightful angels sent to replace the now defunct Tygers and to fill the hole in my soul left by the Tygers's premature demise.  Many thanks, my sweethearts!

And, lest I forget, I owe a deep debt of gratitude to Arthur Ircink, of "Wisconsin Foodie" fame, for contributing his valuable time and video production skills to my small project.  And to my old friend and Tyger alumnus, Dr. Lanny Hale, for nearly everything!

Stay tuned, lots more to come...



It Was 40 Years Ago Today - "Breakaway", starring Quiffy

Back in 1977, I was living in Los Angeles and working the local club circuit with a band of Wisconsin expats which I had assembled under the whimsical and cryptic moniker "Quiffy".  The band had recently recorded Tom Jenkins's title song for the TV series "Breakaway", starring William Shatner.  A few months later, Tom and producer Don Gazzaniga decided that it might be fun to film an episode starring Quiffy.

The format of the show was that Shatner would interview ordinary working people who had unusual and/or dangerous hobbies and intersperse these interviews with footage of them engaged in these exciting "breakaways" from their dull jobs.  Since none of the members of Quiffy had unusual or dangerous hobbies, unless sleeping, drinking and chasing women could be classified as "unusual" or "dangerous", a "hobby" was contrived for each member.  The "hobby" assigned to me was by far the closest to reality, as it was, in fact, chasing women, but inverted so that it appeared that the women were chasing me.

On a warm summer morning, we assembled at Stan Laurel's home in what may have been, appropriately, Laurel Canyon, for the interview with William Shatner.  We had scripted the questions and answers, in order to avoid embarrassment, but Shatner would have none of it, he insisted on spontaneity, we would have to wing it.  So, of course, we came off as stiff and unnatural, while Shatner did a fine job, as would be expected from a professional actor.  For some long forgotten reason, I chose to appear as a sort of homely middle aged matron, ostentatiously bedecked in costume jewelry and too much lipstick, as if I were the frowsy girl singer of the band. My witty answers to Shatner's questions consisted primarily of "yeah", "yes" and "uh huh", as my brain churned helplessly for something clever to say.  Fortunately, the interviews were short, as the show was a mere 28 minutes long.

The vignettes depicting our "hobbies" were slapstick, farcical froth, ala "The Monkees" of a decade earlier.  The whole thing is a bit painful to watch; it's sobering to see us as we looked 40 years ago, fresh faced and youthful, in comparison with the grizzled geezers we've become.

Wait, did I say "40 years ago"?  Could it be possible?  Yes, I'm afraid it's true; this insipid romp was filmed exactly 40 years ago to the month, if memory serves me, which it usually doesn't.

How different these 40 years might have been, had "Breakaway" actually aired and been successful.

One can only conjecture.



Tony Dancy

Gary Falcone

Jim McPhaul

Ron Benedict

Joe Ramirez

Doug West

Stay tuned for more stories and videos and rare recordings of Quiffy, live onstage!

A Brief Note To My Friends

I'd like to thank all of my friends who commented on my new song, "My Last Love".  Although I appreciate the concern and commiseration over my current circumstances, I can assure all of you that I am just fine and you needn't worry about me.

All I would ask is that you continue to share the video; if the song were to become a huge hit, I might be able to afford my divorce attorney!  Well, if it gets to that point; with all the prayers and good wishes, perhaps it won't!  I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to ask God for assistance, as I don't believe in him, but I would encourage my religious friends to continue bombarding him with prayers; he's more likely to listen to you than me!

Stay tuned for more postings and more videos; you might even get to see the rare and long fortgotten "Breakaway" TV pilot featuring William Shatner and my old band Quiffy!

Tony's Last Stand

Xmas 2015?  Download "new tunes"?

All right, "The Tygers' Second Album" went nowhere, "Some Kinda Jazzy Poppy Jazz" acquired numerous "fans", but no sales, The DebbieDancyDuo was snubbed by every agent from here to Singapore and that damned metal Christmas tree is in a landfill somewhere.

So in 2017, as my life crumbles away, I am back for one more desperate shot at...what?  A successful band?  A hit record?  Ha!  My future ex-wife Martha created everything you see on this long forgotten website, in her desperate attempt to jolt me off my lazy ass and get me to take control of my so-called "career".  Well, it looks like her final gambit might pay off; divorce court looms and my sink or swim instinct finally engages, creaking and whining, from decades of desuetude.

Henceforth, this dusty blog will be refreshed regularly, regardless of whether or not anyone reads the damned thing.  It will be a sort of catharsis for me; if no one reads it or likes it, tough's my catharsis, not yours!

This, my first entry, will include a song I recently wrote for my future ex-wife Martha; it was written as if in a future time, which has now become the present; make of it what you will.  All you need to know is in this song, "My Last Love"; I wrote it, but Joe Turano made it sound like God's own tears falling.


By the way, I see that at "The Listening Bar" you can listen to a tune called "Only You (for Martha)", so innocent and so naive.  You could listen to this song and "My Last Love" as bookends, separated by 18 years.  Poignant?  I'm sobbing already.


Until next time, when I will present something a bit more "upbeat",


Xmas 2015

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You've never heard anything like it!

The writers ...

Have a listen to these, and you will agree...  You've never heard anything like it!



Cool stuff at PF Wilson's Podcast

Couple of blog posts featuring an old tune from the Flintstones that Craig Fairchild and I wrote back in the early 70's - Bedrock Blues!  Episode 171

Happy July 4th!

This is what Jango Radio fans are saying:


“ wow 3 times in 2 hours i get to hear this song awesome thanks mr dancy you poured your heart into this song have a great day. ”

Cool comments about Sadie's Magic Garden

“Tony Dancy shines with Sadie's Magic Garden!"

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You can find me on Outbound Music now.  This is a new music site that promotes unsigned, indie type artists like me.  They sell downloads, plus license music, and they have a radio feed.  Check it out!

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January - A new year already. We have a good batch of demo CDs that are ready for mailing out.

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Songs for download are now available on CD Baby, and real soon on iTunes and many other sites like Amazon MP3, Google Play, Spotify, Shazam, Rdio, eMusic, Rhapsody, Myspace, Simfy and many, many more.

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Demo is done!

Yay! The demo CD is complete, but we are taking time off to enjoy the holidays. 



Glitches with getting the demo completed. The DIY approach not working out as expected - hoping we get a good proof soon.

Demo Project

Demo CD of the tunes is in progress - using Disc Makers "do it yourself".  We'll see how this goes...


Working on the website so thought I would post clips of the finished songs for you!

Cedaredge Dreamscape

Martha's Mood

Joyce Is Not Here

Sadie's Magic Garden

Fade Away

Dizzy Pears

Gypsy Johnny


Mastering Finished!

LA is burning up, but despite the August heat the mastering is now complete with the top notch assistance of Steve Hall, Future Disc.

Burleigh Drummond

Bad news, and good news. Bad news is that the drum tracks for Gypsy Johnny need to be redone.  Good news is that Joe was able to snag Burleigh Drummond to redo the tracks.  

More Songs Done

It's mid June and eight songs are done!  Now on to the mixing stage.  Met with veteran LA mixer, Steve Sykes, Rupert House Productions, and clicked right off the bat. We think he is going to take these tunes from good to great!


June 8 - We are making progress on the final mixes of the tunes. Listen to a clip from Dizzy Pears

Spring 2013

Tony and Joe (Turano of Al Jarreau's band)  have been working steadily all winter and spring to finish up a great bunch of jazzy tunes.  

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